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That Justice Be Done

That Justice Be Done (1945)

One of the last of the films made under the direction of the War Activities Committee. It is a 10 minute documentary produced under the supervision of Ray Kellogg (I)who, at the time, was a Commander in the the Office of Strategic Services(the O.S.S.)which was the forerunner of the C.I.A. It is a compilation of newsreels and captured German films and reported on the pending trial of German’s arch-war criminals in Nuremberg, Germany, and as such features many shots of Hitler, Goering, Goebbles and many of the Nazi leaders which, in this corner, doesn’t qualify them as cast members.This would be akin to showing President Frank D. Roosevelt as a cast member in each of the, at least, 3000 newsreels he appeared in. They are there from archive footage and not as actors. Glimpses of massacred and descecrated bodies are shown as part of the acts committed by the Nazis during their reign of terror. The procedure for trying war criminals in a world court of justice is explained. The commentary was written by Budd Schulberg. This may or may not be the same film shown on site as “The Nazi Plan, 1945” or could be part of that film. This short was distributed cost-free with no exhibitors’ fees by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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