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Queensrÿche: Video Mindcrime

Queensrÿche: Video Mindcrime (1989)

Young and violent Nikki is given an outlet for his anger and pain when he is recruited by Dr. X to be an assasin for an underground movement. Pumped full of drugs he is sent out to kill religious and political leaders throughout the city. In the midst of this he finds quasi redemption at the hands of Sister Mary and Father Williams. She is a nun with a background of abuse, drugs and prostitution he is a priest of practices that are definately not scriptural. All is well until he is told to kill them both for knowing too much. He decides to kill Father Williams and then runaway with Sister Mary as she is the only person he has ever come to love. After killing the priest he heads over to Mary’s only to find her already dead, killed by another. His mind snaps and he sits there catatonic as the police arrive and arrest him, wherein he is placed in a mental institution. An institution run by Dr. X.

Duration: 40 min

Quality: HD