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Over da Rainbow

Over da Rainbow (2008)

Homophobic rap superstar Terrier (pronounced “teh-ree-AY”) is tearing up the charts with the smash hit single “Kill Faggots” off his triple-platinum album hoMOFObic. Despite protests from groups like Homosexuals Organizing a Meaningfully Outed Society (H.O.M.O.S.), homophobia is America’s hottest trend. Now Terrier plans to reach an even wider audience by releasing a follow-up single featuring a sample from the deceased king of 80’s hair metal – Max Lightning’s “Teri Why.” But the rights to Max’s song belong to his widow, the eccentric homophobe Theresa, who will only sign with Terrier on one condition: if he reunites her with her estranged son – none other than gay rights activist Christopher Dalrymple, the leader of H.O.M.O.S. Rising to the challenge will force Terrier to confront his dark past – and Theresa has secrets of her own…

Duration: 20 min

Quality: HD