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Norma Jean & Marilyn

Norma Jean & Marilyn (1996)

In this film, Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino portray two sides of the woman America loved, but who struggled to love herself: Marilyn Monroe. To the world, Marilyn was a vivacious superstar, the epitome of sexuality, sensuality and frolicsome amusement. Every man wanted her – every woman wanted to be her. But behind the enticing smile, beneath the tight-fitting dresses, there was a dark secret – one Marilyn could not bury in the past… the child inside named Norma Jean. Everything Norma Jean dreams of, Marilyn achieves. Every man she struggles to resist, Marilyn succumbs to. And while Marilyn climbs the ladder to success, Norma Jean was beneath it, almost willing her to fall.

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Genre: BiographyDrama


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Duration: 139 min

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Tagline: Marilyn Monroe was our fantasy. Norma Jean was her reality.

Original Title: Norma Jean & Marilyn