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Mr. Flip

Mr. Flip (1909)

A young man considers himself quite irresistible, and through his egotism runs the gamut of misadventures. After dressing himself in extraordinarily bad taste, he sallies forth to conquer the fair sex. He first enters a dry goods store, approaches the ribbon counter and endeavors to start a flirtation with a saleswoman, and is severely reprimanded by receiving a slap in the face, and is ejected from the store. He then in turn enters a manicuring parlor, telephone office, a lady barber shop, bar room and lunch room, and in each instance his fate is the same as that experienced in the dry goods store. However, he apparently refuses to be subdued, and we next find him occupying a box seat at a vaudeville show. A very attractive soubrette is doing a song and dance, and after starting a flirtation with her, he sends her a bouquet with his card, requesting that she meet him after the show. The actress, upon going to her dressing room, formulates a plan to have her colored maid keep the appointment she has with the would-be dude, and accordingly places her coat and hat upon the negress, covering her face with a heavy veil. The young man, waiting at the stage door, meets the wench, and together they enter a café. After ordering a sumptuous repast. Mr. Flip endeavors to embrace his companion, and in doing so her veil is disarranged, revealing the fact that she is a negress. The result causes great excitement and he is roughly ejected by the waiters in attendance. He finally meets his Waterloo at the hands of a bevy of laundry girls.

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