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Mismatched Couples

Mismatched Couples (1985)

Eddie is a teenager who likes to b-boy around the streets and challenge other breakdancers, including his main rival Colorful Punk. One day, Eddie witnesses a hawker by the name of Mini showing off his acrobatic skills to a crowd, after having been into a situation where the cops ceased his selling business and wondering around looking for food. He is forced to demonstrate his skills to the crowd after he tried to grab free food nearby meant to be for the crowd. Mini’s performance impresses Eddie and the latter hooks up and takes Mini to his home. Eddie’s sister, who is running a fast food restaurant, however refuses to let Mini stay until Eddie convinces her by letting him help out with her business. Meanwhile, Eddie continues his ventures in high school that includes his love interest Anna who is the most popular female student at his school while having to stand her annoying friend, Shirley. At the same time, Colorful Punk hooks up with his American friend, Kenny, at the airport and together they plot a scheme to humiliate Eddie during an upcoming party and win Anna over. In the middle of all these situations, a fighting lunatic shows up and sees a great fighter in Eddie and wants to challenge him to a fight. This results in a final confrontation between Eddie and the lunatic at a gym.

Duration: 95 min

Quality: HD