Inner Earth Attacks A Love Story

Inner Earth Attacks A Love Story (2021)

Written and directed by Sean Johnson, this film stars Melanie Joleun and Korey Broad as the freshly engaged couple Will and Emma. Everything seems happy and perfect for them, but then INNER EARTH ATTACKS!! Driving Will and Emma apart, as well as turning Earth into a desolate wasteland full of death and decay. Fortunately, in this decay, some are still able to make out a meek existence. Will, now teamed up with his cousin Filo (played by Nolan Bullas) are searching to find his love once again. He finally finds her in a slave camp with her gang the Dynamite Girls (featuring Kailey Dutourgeerling and Tessa Miles among others). This film is jam-packed with wall-to-wall humor and bloody gore that’ll have you squirming in your seat! See how far Inner Earth will go to take over the world! See prison slaves fight for their lives! See limbs torn and ripped right from their joints! See the world’s next greatest love story! This film is bound to bring you Blood, Guts and Heart!!!

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Genre: ComedyHorror


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Duration: 90 min

Quality: HD