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If a Body Meets a Body

If a Body Meets a Body (1945)

Curly learns that he is named in the will of his rich uncle, so the boys head for the uncle’s mansion to attend the reading of the will. They arrive on a dark and stormy night only to find that the lawyer has been murdered and the will and the body have disappeared. All the relatives must stay in the spooky house while the police investigate and the stooges are given the bedroom where the uncle was murdered. After a series of misadventures with a walking skull and the uncle’s body, which keeps turning up in strange places, the stooges unmask the butler and maid as the killers and recover the will. Then they learn that Curly has only been left sixty seven cents.

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Genre: ComedyShort


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Duration: 18 min

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Tagline: Curly Q. Link is heir to the late millionaire Bob O. Link. But when the Stooges go to claim the inheritance, they find themselves marooned in a spooky haunted house where a couple of murders have taken place.