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A Zebra for Sally

A Zebra for Sally (2008)

A zebra for Sally is a movie about a haunted house, more or less. It’s a movie about Dale, and how she copes with being possessed by Sally. It’s also a movie about Sally and the reasons why she would want to take control of Dale from beyond death. Dale moves in to a new home, she chose this house because something told her it would be a good place to make a change in her life… a good place to make her stop motion films, and do her writing that is so important to her. She didn’t know that the house had called her to it.. in particular Sally, the current resident. Sally has been dead for a long time.. how she died is no one’s business any more, but she is alone, and she needs something, and the only way she can think of to get the things she needs is to slip inside Dale and use her to get them. Dale doesn’t know exactly what to do with this new person inside her.. but when things start getting out of control, and Dale finds herself doing things that she doesn’t want to to the people she cares about… not even her Uncle John Cheenkaw can save her from the horror that is actually boiling over inside her body and mind. Can the mysterious Father Woodman, be any help at all to Dale in this horrifying situation?

Duration: 50 min

Quality: HD