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30 Days ‘Til I’m Famous

30 Days ‘Til I’m Famous (2008)

What is it to be a superstar? We suspect it’s not at all what you think it is. All of us, at some time or another, come to a point our lives where we need to choose what path to go down. In many respects its like standing in front of a bridge – a bridge in life sort-of-speak. But if your goal in crossing that bridge is to become a superstar on the other side, you’re going to find that in crossing it you’re going to be on your own; that none of your friends are going to dare to go with you; and that when you get to the other side you’re going to lose control and the only thing you will know, is that everything you know will do you no good from thereon. Everything on the other side of that bridge is new, and the choice is yours to make your world beautiful . . . or to make it crap. The choice is yours and yours alone. Our story follows the journeys of three different musical groups as they aspire to ascend toward superstardom. One of the groups is poor and living in the ghetto, and they are the victims of abusive relationships and broken families. Another group is a typical suburban garage band supported by friends and a family who loves them and cares about their dreams. The third group is filthy rich – and while it would seem the rich guys could simply buy their way to the top, the reality is that the one thing they want more than anything in life can not be bought. Now, while all of these groups of musicians come from vastly diverse backgrounds and have completely different motivations for wanting to become famous, underneath it all, they are all the same…. they just don’t know it yet. All of them are going to cross the same bridge, and on the other side, all of them will face choices and all of them will have the opportunity to turn their new world into something beautiful . . . or to let it turn into crap. The choice is theirs, and theirs alone. We are going to find in our story that some people – no matter how talented they may be – simply do not deserve to be famous. For you can fight to make it to the top, and you can struggle to get away from where you’ve come from . . . but when you get to the end of your journey and you find yourself looking into the mirror expecting to see a superstar facing back at you, you’re going to see the truth. You’re going to see, more clearly than ever before, all the places where you’ve been and all the people you’ve tried so hard to get away from . . . and you’re going to realize that nothing has changed. Nothing but you! You are somebody else now. And for the first time in your life – if you are the true superstar – you will be able to see beauty in everything around you. You’ll see it in the toughest and least likely of places. And you will fly.

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Original Title: 30 Days 'Til I'm Famous